Welcome to Elsiesrivier Care Centre

Elsiesrivier Care Centre Crèche opened its doors in January 2010.

It is situated in Leonsdale, a suburb of Elsies River, where poverty, unemployment, crime, gangsterism, substance abuse and physical abuse of women and children are prevalent.

90% of the parents are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol with a large percentage of parents involved in gangs. This has a profound effect on the children’s development and care.

The socio-economic scenario of Leonsdale is reflected by the following statistics pertaining to our 120 children in the Crèche:

  • of the fathers are not known to the children
  • of the parents (either mother or father) are unemployed
  • of the parents/guardians earn less than R1000 per month
  • of the parents/guardians earn between R1000 and R2000 per month
  • of the families have to survive on less than R2000 per month!
  • of the parents/guardians earn in excess of R4000 per month

Elsiesrivier Care Centre

  • The Crèche aims to provide a solid foundation for these children underscored by moral values.
  • The Crèche is a safe haven for 120 kids aged between 3 & 5 years where their physical needs are attended to including two balanced meals per day.
  • The Crèche is a haven where children are loved and where they are taught to love themselves.
  • It is a place where they meet and learn more about their Lord Jesus, their Redeemer and Saviour and where a solid foundation is created to impart moral and spiritual values.
  • Teaching Early Childhood Development (ECD) in order for children to be prepared for the formal school phase of their lives.
  • The Crèche provides a safe environment with excellent equipment where these children can learn and play.
  • The Crèche offers the service of a full time Social Worker and also assist with medical services via the local Health Clinic.

Elsiesrivier Care Centre | We focus on

  • Physical and mental care
  • Identity
  • Communication
  • Discovery of the wonderful world of Mathematics
  • Creativity
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Bible